on Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good mixture between the East and the West!


on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U-Kiss' new single is out! 0330 is the name given! Awesome song and terrific music video. :)

on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm in a good mood today eh? ;)

Anyways, i am glad to say that i have finally filled up the UPU forms. I can't believe it is done! Because the other day, i was like in a havoc situation where i lost my Unique ID Number. So i have to go back and forth from school, and to the bank and my home. I tried calling UPU Hot/Help/Noobline for like 50+ times and 70% of the calls were useless because the line was so fucked up and 30% of the calls made me have to pay a gazillion dollar for my number because NONE of my calls were picked up. Luckily our counselor kept a list of our numbers and the whole dramatic situation was vaporized completely! :) And no, i will not show what courses i have applied because i am just scared that some you might say,

"Dude, you are not eligible for that!"

Yeah i know. Also yesterday, i have sent all of the documents to the Higher autorithies to recheck some of my SPM papers. The whole procedure was complicated! And i was completing all of the procedure needed to be done while trying to get in touch with the UPU simultaneously. It was so intense and the weather was so hot. And waiting in line at the post office is a pain in the ass! The place is small and people filled it up like we are sardines. Thankfully, yesterday went out very well than expected and everything was delivered. Let's just pray for the very best! <3

I was at school yesterday to get my documents verified, i met some of ex-classmates yesterday. I don't know what were they doing there tho. But me, Inaz and Zaman were left alone because Inaz wanted to get her documents verified too LOLOL. While waiting for the PK(?), we roam around the school, met all of the teachers that were with us last year. And all of them said, we were BETTER than the current BATCH. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT and sigh, my Chem/Add Maths teacher said this :

"I was disappointed with your result."

I was disappointed too :\ But she said to try harder in Pre-U :)


Okay bai.

Applying for Universities.

on Saturday, March 26, 2011
Hoping that your results are enough for the Universities

When you give them your results and they are like

And you are like

And then they tell you that you are no eligible for the course

And you are like,

And they are like

and you are like

and they are like

Then you go back home, with your crappy results,

and tell the world that,

and when you reach home, you are like
"Screw this, i'm going to be a dancer"

Buckle UP!

on Thursday, March 24, 2011

The time is here for me to tell everyone that i AM HAPPY once again. :) It was HARD for me to accept the fact. What fact? Mah result bebeh. Well considering that i've done badly for the exams but that doesn't proof everything about me right? I've done an even better job before so i will just consider this as another obstacle that i've gone through.

I here by say that I am finally living my moment now. Able to make three of my teachers smile, my BM,Sejarah and Physics teachers smile is just too amazing. I have never scored anything good for them at all and for Sejarah, B was my best before :D

You know what made me feel a HELL lot better? I'll post some here NOWW ;D

My stuffs are still in good condition and are properly organized

My cats are still happily running around

I don't have to share anything with others

I still can watch TV

I still have everything

Thank you :D


When you first got your results :


When you have reached home :


When you remember all of the things that you have sacrificed for the exams :


When you check facebook and people were like showing off that they are grateful because they got straight A's.

Then there's a group of people who are so happy despite their shitty result and you are like:


Then there's a group with the exact same result :


And bam, a new group is born. The group who got Straight A's but keep on complaining why is his/her A is not an A+. And you are sitting in front of the PC like:

Next, the group who insults others who scored badly and you were like :


And you feel like doing this to everyone :


But you can only do this :


When you wake up the next morning, remembering yesterday's bad luck with the exams.


But then you finally motivate yourself thinking that life is a journey, so one day you will be successful in one way or another but still can't get over about the exams.


The Whole Reason Why My Suicide Attempts Failed.

The are a lot of meanings here. :)

on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wah naise. And woah so many Korean songsssssssssss

It's the 24th.

Oh it was yesterday right?

Time to add a pinch of epicness in this blog


congrats to sapa who got their results today. im going to spik fakap english kos i stupid.

especially the ones who got stret A.

congrats! you guys soo smart one. aiyo i got intimidated ady. now i can suicide safely knowing for people smart ass can pimpin the negara wan.

on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jadi mouse pad je la.

F this.

So hello everybody

My results, 5as 4bs.

As - Sej,BM,BI,Maths,Phy.
Bs - +mts,chem,bio,PAI

current mood :