Mr. Taxi

on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been distracted by SNSD's new Japanese Single, Mr. Taxi! Causing me to be unaware of the whole world :P

Well the song was leaked or released a few weeks earlier and it was fabulous! And universal studios Japan released the Dance Version for the MV. From there, you can see the difficulty of SNSD's new choreo. It can be at par with Run Devil Run in terms of formations. But still lose if compared to ITNW.

Overall, i give them 4.3/5 stars! SNSD DAEBAK!

The Dance MV,


on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kesian My Life


You know what frustrating is for me? Well it is something i blame myself for this.

Every single day, we will check our facebook. We will see people's statuses, witness a drama between two sexes, a happy news about somebody. Well for me, it frustrates the hell out of me when somebody got an interview for a scholarship, offered a place in a certain university, congratulates a person if s/he aced perfectly for a result.

I can say that my post now is certainly a rewind of what i have wrote before. It's sad to think that i have sacrificed a lot for an exam but in the end, it farked me upside down.

Especially when all of the situations i posted are premiered in a single webpage, i will feel like a sad dog waiting to be slaughtered for it's fur.

Sigh, again with this rant. I know! But i can't get over it. Maybe till i die? Maybe till i am successful? Who knows?

Meeting someone you hate

on Saturday, April 16, 2011
When s/he come out of nowhere,

When everything s/he does starts to be annoying and you are holding it in,

When s/he thinks that you love and adore him/her and you are like,

Then s/he thinks of him/herself too highly but in your eyes, s/he will forever be a pig.

S/he starts interrupting your life and you are like,

Then s/he starts to brag about HIS/HER PERFECT LIFE,

and you are like,

When you and your friend who hate him/her as well listen to his/her story,

When s/he tells a 'funny' story and you are like,

When you meet somebody who hates him/her equally as you do,

When you and your friend make jokes about him/her,

Then the person you hate becomes physically rude,

and you are like,

and you hope that the person will be possessed by a ghost

When s/he is on a hiatus from your life,

After a long time of not meeting each other, then he/she suddenly meeting you up and you are like,

and s/he is like,

when s/he fail in something that you aced and you are like,

then s/he till thinks that s/he succeeded.

and you're like,

when s/he made another mistake and you would be like,
'Told ya bitch'

How to identify fake eggs

on Friday, April 8, 2011
How to identify fake eggs: After opening the egg, egg white and egg yolk will soon mix together.

1. Fake egg’s shell is a little shinier than the real egg, but it is not very noticeable.

2. When touch the fake egg by hand, it feels a little rougher than the real egg.

3. Shake the fake egg will make some noises, because water overflows from the solid agent.

4. Real egg smells a little like raw meat.

5. Tap the egg lightly. Real egg makes a more crisp sound than the fake egg.

6. Shortly after opening the fake egg, egg yolk and egg white will melt together. This is because the egg yolk and egg white are made of the same raw materials.

7. When frying a fake egg, the yolk will spread without being touched.
No matter how good the fake egg tastes, are the egg makers afraid one day they will eat one of their own fake eggs?

Today the JPA results are out. Congratulations to whoever got it, but whoever didn't, be brave hey :)

Today was quite a tiring week for me. I'm tired now and i'm not going to write down all of the details.

  • My cat is hospitalized
  • fees are expensive
  • Worried
  • Stressed out again
  • I am wearing green for envy

Oh well, it is just another obstacle right? :)


Awesome song by 4minute. :)

Stressed Out

on Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey guys, yes i am updating my blog. My well abandoned blog.

Okay so the whole thing i'm in the groove to update is because i am all stressed out. Not the typical type of stress, eg : School, work and such. I am stressed out about the future.

Some of you might have heard about this, or already acknowledge this, tomorrow the result for JPA will be announced. I am quite jealous of course and i am certainly blaming the shit out of myself. I guess i've shared with all of you guys about how i fell into depression when i received my result. I feel like i have let all of my teachers and parents/siblings down especially myself. I have sacrificed a lot for the sake of education, for the sake of learning and for the sake of making everyone around me happy but in the end, i got something nobody was hoping for. I feel like i was shot when a teacher of mine said 'I was disappointed with your result'. This point is related to the next case.

The next step right after high school is college of course. So we have applied for UPU and now currently waiting for the results to come out. I really hope i get Asasi tho. Although my result is not that convincing. But what we can do, all we can do is just pray for the best.

Posting this is such a risk, i am scared about people's criticism. They might say that if i apply for it, i am just aiming to high. Knowing that my results aren't good, they indirectly slapped my face. I feel, very very intimidated about that. Especially when there's a student who scored better than me keeps on degrading me. But why? Why am i being judged, being mocked at just because of what a single piece of paper says.

Next thing is, remembering the past. And no, i don't mean my life, i might things that i learned before. Right after SPM, obviously nobody would care anymore about anything related to academic including me. I have been reading about people saying that everything that you learn in school will be fully applied in college. I am dumbfounded. I have forgotten everything that i have learned last year. All of the things that i used to mingle with, are now gone completely from my brain. I have lost all of it. I can't even solve a simple mathematics question. I am doomed. I am heavily burdened by the thoughts of the future.

One last thing, earthquakes. Today, 2 earthquakes hit Mexico and Japan. And workers at the Nuclear Plan was forced to get out due to the Tsunami Warning was issued. I feel scared. I feel useless. I feel week. All of these things happened in one day, in a short 24 hours. It happened without none of us knowing. Is the end of the world coming? Will i die witnessing the end of time? What will i do? Have i done enough to lift myself away from the fiery hell? I want to live my life to the fullest. But please don't let me die just yet. Please.

I got more issues of course but i am not in the mood to share it.

See ya. :')
on Saturday, April 2, 2011

WTF man? Gai! nama lepeh nang lepeh.

I'm bored

on Friday, April 1, 2011

So i compared last year's SNSD INTW performance with SNSD INTW performance back in 2007. They were less energetic last year :/



I don't like this. They look too lazy. And loads of mistakes. Sigh.