Hello People!

on Sunday, November 6, 2011
it has been a whileeee!

How are you guys?! I know i'd have near to zero readers but whatever, i'll update my blog now :D

Right now, i'm back in my hometown, Kuching. I'll be going back this Tuesday to Kuala Lumpur for college.. Sigh college makes my head aches. Thanks to projects, assignments and exams in less than a month!

Anyways, yesterday(or was it the day before), a lot of my friends from a different University received their semester 1 results! WOW, congrats guys!! I am so happy for you guys for getting such excellent results. Some even got a perfect score! You guys, are hereby, my new source of inspiration! :)

Yesterday, all Muslims celebrated Raya Haji Aidhil Adha also known as the Raya Haji Korban! I can tell you guys what it is about but nah, it's too long! :P So i hope you guys had a great day!

Nways, i have to go and prepare myself for the exams!! Bye guys~