Exams and Vday~

on Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Hey guys!

Yep, it's 2:12AM now and apparently, i'm forcing myself not to sleep. Why you ask? Cause i got a paper tomorrow. Sigh! Resitting for an exam that you truly abhor sucks totally. Well, abhor is not the suitable word to use, but i can say that i have been losing quite a lot of interest with Chemistry. Sure, it's easy to read through it and memorize it. But for me, application of it is the hardest.

Biology was a bitch for me during Sem 1, luckily i passed tho. But thank God, i have been loving Biology back so much more now in Sem 2. I think it's because i just have no interest in studying plants biology. Sem 2 now focuses more on the Human Body which is for me, the best thing ever to study about. But it does get a little bit hard to remember but what the heck, at least i can grab a hold of it sooner or later.

What the hell am i mumbling here? So anyways, in most countries now, Valentine's Day has just ended, but I think in the US' west or east or whatever cost has/have just started their Vday. I wish you all to have an amazing day. :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow, i'd need it. Hopefully i can increase my grade, like 40% more? If God wills.

Night guys!


on Monday, February 13, 2012
Sure, you understand me
Sure, we are alike
Sure, you are always right
Sure, only you went through a lot
Sure, only you have the best life ever
Sure, you are the richest
Sure, you are the most perfect
Sure, you are the busiest person on earth
Sure, you support me

NOW SHUT UP. You don't fucking understand everything, you are not the most perfect person ever! Stop trying to say that you have to go through a lot. You don't know how hard it is to grow up with thousands of insecurities. That's why i never tell you what my problems are, you always think that you are the best. Thinking that you're the best is great but not to an extend where you are just putting others down.

I never tell you anything about what i go through, even if i do, you would stop me and say that you go through things harder than me. What bullshit crap is that? Sure i thank you for leading me before but no, it does not mean that i will become a pesky rotten rat forever. I can grow, i can be better but why must you mock me? Is there something wrong me? When i try to be a better person, you always say that i'm acting and i'm going to be worst. I don't care, just stop it.

Not just to me, but to others as well. Sometimes i wish that i didn't meet you. Sometimes i wish that you would at least understand me, listen to me and actually give me advice not to make me feel shittier. Thank you then
on Sunday, February 12, 2012
And it's Monday again!

Luckily for me, i have one week off from college! Yay? Nay.

I have to resit for an paper this week hence why i can't go back to Kuching. I really am suffering from homesick. Now i understand why people tend to nag that they want to go back to their hometown and stuffs like that. It's hard. But i have to be strong for an even better future, hopefully.

Wish me luck for my exam ^^

Well hello.

on Saturday, February 11, 2012
WOW! Finally! A post in 2012!

What's up everyone? I'm fine thank you.

Anyways, i hope everyone is having a good time in 2012. Me? It's quite upsetting really.

Recently, i just got my Semester 1 results and yep, i didn't do well. I don't have anyone else to blame other than myself. And now, if God wills, i will try my best to increase my pointer a little bit more so i can have a better future ahead.

Plus, i am now living alone! Yay? Nop. It's quite boring and worrisome really. At least if you have another person staying with you, you can at least communicate with a human not a laptop. And don't get me started with the house cleanliness or safety. It's scary to be living alone especially in this dangerous land where i am just a small petite(lol yeah) human wanting to live like a normal person. Hopefully i can shed off some of my fear from living alone as time goes by. :)

Yippie a pretty much long update eh? :D

Thanks :D