on Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hello everyone, yes finally, i'm updating my blog!
Anyways, yesterday was the worst day of my life. I mean it. The result for Sem 2 was released and guess what? I failed a lot. No, i didn't actually fail but i did badly. Probably the worst ever.
So right now i'm trying to do my best for the resit in early June, by removing myself from the dangerous and addictive world of the Internet.
I've successfully banned myself from checking out my facebook account thanks to my friend by helping me change the password. Although i can just ask for a new password, i'm trying my best not to.
And now i'm going to go on a hiatus from Twitter, the most addictive site for me. Even worse than any game that i have played before. Probably i will start today, which i hope will work since it has always been depressing personally for me when i can't tweet at all. Twitter is like a second brain of me where i can just express myself and let people read and try to understand me. Although some find me quite humorous but almost all find me annoying, but that's okay, what is life without being annoying?
That is all for today and yes, since i can't tweet, blog will be my new bestfriend. ^^