on Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Hello there. It has been a while, as always.
Sadly, i will not be updating about what am i up to these days since the only memorable thing i only remember for the past two weeks is fighting a monster in my dream.
Anyways, i am done with foundation! Sounds thrilling, but not really.

Have you ever planned something and you are really excited about it? Don't you just love it when you feel confident about something that you really put your full effort into? Don't you just feel like you betrayed yourself at the end when nothing seems to go the way you wanted. Life is a funny game they say, i agree. It is indeed a game that loves to torture the one who basically killed his/her life in order to succeed. But life will always find a way to fuck everything up.

A text from the lecturer was something i have been yearning for weeks! I was mentally prepared and was ready to fight any monster that comes in the exam hall. Thinking that i've successfully killed the nasty monster, i left the dungeon with my wings bringing me up to the heavens, only to be attacked by a flying hawk on my way there. Falling down from there was hurtful to say the least.

LOL what did i write there even i don't know. What i'm trying to say was, i am just upset over the things i do. I've sacrificed a lot of time and effort to ace one thing but that thing didn't reply me back the way i wanted. Sure it gave me at least something in return but that's not what i need, that is not going to help me in anyway. I love you, but you didn't love me back. It hurts and i am indeed frustrated over that.

I'm taking a time off from something although i might be coming back soon because my bottle of feelings can't handle it any longer.

Congratulations to whoever made it on top, i wish you the best and i hope you'll forever be there when i'm falling.