on Thursday, April 11, 2013
Hey guys!

I just got back from KL yesterday night so i guess i will be blogging about the things i did? here goes!

I went to KL last Saturday, with my sis and bro-in-law. We used Malindo Air and it was good! I hope they will be this good forever or be even better in the future! And so, we reached KL and straight away went to Mid Valley for the baby expo thingy.


Humans everywhere, ranging from adults to babies to even fetuses(but they are still in the stomach , heh). Right after that, we went for lunch at the Little Penang Cafe and i ordered Assam Laksa (My second favorite laksa). It was amazing!
(sorry for the LQ photos, i have to use my old phone back)
(why would anyone buy this..)

(jam jam jam, nothing new)

Then we went to The Gardens and ate Moo Froyo. The best Froyo evur. I remember making a hard decision whether i should buy some Moo Froyo or just the cheap but good Walls ice cream back when i was studying here. And in the end, i just bought Walls cos cheaper + nice + more volume.

And oh, look at what i found!!

Damn i wanted these cos of iJustine but the price... RM230+? Too much brah.

Then the next day, i went to meet up with my hoes(my foundation friends that i'm close with) at e@Curve. We ate Bulgogi Brothers and it was cool. The food was nice but i've never eaten any Korean food before so i can't judge well. We had this spicy chicken thingy with a lot of vegetable, some side dishes(Lol i hate Kimchi). And oh, Ann brought along a friend of hers from Miri and she was nice. Her English was so good that i felt intimidated and we be speakin Sarawakianzz.

(almost finished!)

(pics from Chris)
(where i at. lol)
I'll update moah latah. babai

Life of a (Future) Scientist?

on Thursday, April 4, 2013
Hey guys!

Do you know what is this picture about? It's about titration!


No, not really. Well it is fun when you are like conducting the experiment. Especially that time when i had to dilute a 10M(this is a concentrated acid) HCl and i felt like an anime character from Full Metal Alchemist. Experiments are fun too actually because you get to communicate with people and work with them properly... but most of the time we just like to chill together, talk about life and eat(i eat oreos whenever i feel hungry during experiment) while waiting for something to "boom" in the beaker... 

The boring/sad/torturing part comes right after the experiment, and that is, the lab report. Lab report is just like writing a summary of a book you read(or an essay) and i know how much some of you hate to do that. Just like lab reports, we have to kinda write out the reasons why A + B produces C? Not gonna lie but most of the time i feel like typing down, 

"IDK, God made it that way so let's just be okay with it.."

Experiments have been a norm in college life. I remember back when i was in High School, i used to  wish that we have to do experiments every. single. week. And somehow, i am doing experiments every week now! It's weird to see how things have changed unexpectedly from like 3 years ago? 

Life is such a mystery 

But it takes too much time to happen

I'd rather be a cat.




on Thursday, March 28, 2013
I don't know what's up with my life lately?
I've been a hell lot more emotional about everything.
Maybe it's the hormone(what hormone i dont have periods), stress or just the underwhelming environment?

Uni life is okay, but there is just something missing.
I go to class regularly
I do my work
I revise(lol)
I eat at college with friends
I talk with a few people

But something feels a bit different.
Different to last year.
Last year (and a half) ago was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Maybe i should stop being stucked in the past
and move on
Knowing that the past was just the past

Something that can't be replaced
Something that can never be experienced again
Something that truly means a lot to me
Something that i love so much.

Time to man up, grow some balls and go out.
Meet new people.
Be confident.
Be Happy.
Be G R A T E F U L.

I just hope everything will be a hell lot more better
as time goes by and
as i grow older


on Thursday, February 7, 2013

You know what i hate the most? I HATE it when someone won't say THANK YOU every time i've helped them out with something.

Let's pretend this person, i'll call him/her as A(for ass) ;

A: Hey sawi can u help me out
Me : Yeah sure
A : Can you blahblah?
Me : Ok here done.
A: Ok bye.

Don't just OK me bro, and then leave me like that. I HELPED U, and all i want back is just a THANK YOU. or THANKS. Is it that hard? It's not like i'm asking you to buy me an iPhone 5 or something, right(but that's not a bad thing too)?

Saying thank you is the most basic thing that you learned when you were growing up. I bet 99% of all parents have taught their children to say THANK YOU. Unless yo parents threw you away cos s/he knew that u are going to be an ass.

That's all bye.

Random Snaps

on Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Hey friends and.. strangers!

Yesterday(or 2 days ago) i was bored so i asked my sister if i can perhaps, borrow her camera and fortunately she said yes so yippie.

Here are some random pics i took ~ Enjoy!

Click the pictures so u can see it big big! ahaha

"What chu want bro" 

"Encik nak beli botol tak"

"Usu stop being so funny can o not!?!"

"Guess i have to choose the other path in life..."

its raining light!

"I'm a gorgeous flower living fabulously among the boring green cactus"

edited by me lol 

Ayo FFs

on Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Sunday! Which means........................... family time??(idk lol)

Anyhoo, i slept at around 3am last night(or this morning) cos i was busy with work!!!!!(by work i mean watch Running Man and cry over Jihyo's yeappeo-ness) and i had to wake up around 8:30 or 9 cos i had to attend a wedding.

Personally, i hate going to wedding ceremonies but this time, i was craving for some traditional Malay wedding food and yessss i was soo satisfied!

"Hello heart attack" said the oil
It was nice but the weather was killing me! Can this country stop being so hot?! Oh well, at least we have rain forests and stuffs idk.

Then right aftah that, i went to City ONE. A newly opened mall nearby to my campus. It was okay, just that there are only like a few shops that are opened. And! I tried out a new bubble tea shop, called Ucha? It was good! And the price was okay, not that different from Chatime or Ding Tea(my absolute favorite!). I ordered Oreo something, and it was filled with Oreos! 

"screw diet bro, drink me up!" said the Oreo

Lastly, i went to Spring(as always) and blergh it was full af! I guess people are finally realizing that Spring is better than Plaza Merdeka? :P 

That's pretty much it lol bye

btw, lol!

ok can

on Friday, January 18, 2013

Now let's just pray for the best.

P L E A S E i'm so desperate right now..

Guess we are back together now..

on Wednesday, January 16, 2013
GURL why are you so obsessed with me?!

Long Overdue

Hah, it's about time for me to post an update! As if anybody cares about an update from me cos i'll most probably post an emo post or just a plain rubbish post.

Well it can't be helped since i've been addicted to Twitter since idk, 2009? It's like a mini blog just with restrictions.

Anyways, to cut long story short, i'm a Swinburne Sarawak student now! Yes, i've completed my Foundation in Science in Mahsa back in July 2012. *sigh* sweet time. But it's time for a change(i guess, let's try to be positive for once), so now i'm based back in my hometown and i'm unsure of how i feel about this. Because living alone was possibly the best thing that i have ever experienced(high speed internet, no rules, no quarrels with siblings, etc!). Life was good.

Today's date is 16th January 2013 aka RESULTS DAY. How did i do?

I did..... bad.

Well not entirely bad, since i passed all of the relevant subjects(Chemistry, Biology and Physiology) BUT ... I failed my Maths.

YES, M A T H S. A subject that was once a love of mine and now it has turned back against me to ruin my life in everyway possible.

The anger and regret i felt when i looked at the grades were indescribable. Wasn't sure if i should cry or scream! Gah. But what can i do now??

So i asked my lecturer and she said i have to repeat. R E P E A T

Fucking shit, another semester with MATHS?! I might DIE(overreacting but you get the point). Oh well, this is what i get for not trying 100% i guess~~

On a lighter news, i just had an amazing ceasar salad! I've been craving for this since God knows when(2 days).

That is all, bye.