on Thursday, February 7, 2013

You know what i hate the most? I HATE it when someone won't say THANK YOU every time i've helped them out with something.

Let's pretend this person, i'll call him/her as A(for ass) ;

A: Hey sawi can u help me out
Me : Yeah sure
A : Can you blahblah?
Me : Ok here done.
A: Ok bye.

Don't just OK me bro, and then leave me like that. I HELPED U, and all i want back is just a THANK YOU. or THANKS. Is it that hard? It's not like i'm asking you to buy me an iPhone 5 or something, right(but that's not a bad thing too)?

Saying thank you is the most basic thing that you learned when you were growing up. I bet 99% of all parents have taught their children to say THANK YOU. Unless yo parents threw you away cos s/he knew that u are going to be an ass.

That's all bye.