Life of a (Future) Scientist?

on Thursday, April 4, 2013
Hey guys!

Do you know what is this picture about? It's about titration!


No, not really. Well it is fun when you are like conducting the experiment. Especially that time when i had to dilute a 10M(this is a concentrated acid) HCl and i felt like an anime character from Full Metal Alchemist. Experiments are fun too actually because you get to communicate with people and work with them properly... but most of the time we just like to chill together, talk about life and eat(i eat oreos whenever i feel hungry during experiment) while waiting for something to "boom" in the beaker... 

The boring/sad/torturing part comes right after the experiment, and that is, the lab report. Lab report is just like writing a summary of a book you read(or an essay) and i know how much some of you hate to do that. Just like lab reports, we have to kinda write out the reasons why A + B produces C? Not gonna lie but most of the time i feel like typing down, 

"IDK, God made it that way so let's just be okay with it.."

Experiments have been a norm in college life. I remember back when i was in High School, i used to  wish that we have to do experiments every. single. week. And somehow, i am doing experiments every week now! It's weird to see how things have changed unexpectedly from like 3 years ago? 

Life is such a mystery 

But it takes too much time to happen

I'd rather be a cat.




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