on Thursday, October 23, 2014
On a brighter note, i spent the whole night yesterday (Wednesday) with my beloved classmates. I love them to bits.

We had a poll earlier this week on where shall we eat for this mini gathering so we decided we want to have the gathering at The Banquet.

All my life, i've heard plenty of good or decent reviews about The Banquet. My beloved grandparents live nearby the place so ever so often, i'd always end up passing by the place and thinking "what the hell is that shit. why is it orange?? could have picked a better color but whatever lah kan? Different people different taste hahaha"

And so i was extremely EXCITED to try out the place but meh.. it was a letdown. Food was blergh, no DIY grilling place and the drinks are expensive as hell.

But whatever, at least i had fun with my friends.

This is me auditioning for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 (on ABC later this year y'all)

Photoshoot with YB Elvinson

Since i was the only one that wore long pants, i decided to pull up my pants and make myself look more feminine <3 #GirlPower

With the funniest guy in my class. Also look at how ah beng my hair is.

With the Chicken. The guy that taught me the word for Masturbation in Mandarin and Cantonese. 

With everyone. Look at Rauwerd hahahah the lady that took this pic was probably too turnt to even include Rauwerd in! 

Us again.

Then some of us went back home and the other half WENT CLUBBING Y'ALL. 

I'm just kidding, i don't go clubbing haha but we did went for a karaoke session! Not much picture was taken cos hell i was in my Beyonce mode, i ain't got TIME for pics!

I DRANK. Haha i'm just kidding k can you see the half empty glass of Mango juice? Yup, that's mine. Keeping it clean aha. Also you clearly can see who's the star in the pic (me).

That's all i guess hahahaha byezz 



Growing up, i have never fallen in love with anyone that would make my heart race. I have, however, liked a few people but it was nothing serious.

But lately, i feel like i am changing. Physically and emotionally speaking. I am starting to hate how i look like, starting to spend lots of money and time just to look extra decent. I am starting to feel extremely lonely whenever i'm alone despite being surrounded by my beloved friends and family. I feel like i'm missing something in my life. Something that would make my life feel more complete and appreciated.

I don't want to sound extremely desperate but i think i want to be loved and to love someone that suits me.

I rarely feel like this, but i think all those years of being the only friend without a significant other is finally getting into me. IDK. Maybe i've always wanted to be in a relationship but am too scared to admit thus having my mind pushing the thought down my anus (hahahah tetak pls lawak tok).

Oh well, maybe this is just a phase. it'll get over soon, right?

Hope so.