on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Growing up, i have never fallen in love with anyone that would make my heart race. I have, however, liked a few people but it was nothing serious.

But lately, i feel like i am changing. Physically and emotionally speaking. I am starting to hate how i look like, starting to spend lots of money and time just to look extra decent. I am starting to feel extremely lonely whenever i'm alone despite being surrounded by my beloved friends and family. I feel like i'm missing something in my life. Something that would make my life feel more complete and appreciated.

I don't want to sound extremely desperate but i think i want to be loved and to love someone that suits me.

I rarely feel like this, but i think all those years of being the only friend without a significant other is finally getting into me. IDK. Maybe i've always wanted to be in a relationship but am too scared to admit thus having my mind pushing the thought down my anus (hahahah tetak pls lawak tok).

Oh well, maybe this is just a phase. it'll get over soon, right?

Hope so.


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